Everyone is a genius!

You just have to find out at what.

Best way to discover is do a project…

What's your DoNew project?

A DoNew project is a real-world ambitious project aligned with your dreams and strengths, completed within 3-6 months. You experience the following three stages in a DoNew project…

Know you

You start with knowing yourself or your mentees - practically, deeply. Dreams, strengths, how you think, feel and act...what will it take for you to do-new.

Move you

Take prototyping steps aligned to dreams. Use innovation patterns to deliver real-world, interim outcomes. Movement brings clarity, movement brings confidence.

Unblock you

Anticipate that your moonshot will be hard, you’ll have obstacles, delays. Unblocking involves a decision tree, utilizing strengths and working smartly around obstacles.


Can AI mentor people?

Can everyone in this world have a mentor? Artificial intelligence can be the answer, says product innovator Rahul Kulkarni as he describes the journey of two ex-Googlers who set out to mentor at scale. With real stories, Rahul describes how they turned a people problem into a data problem, turning mentor-mentee psychology into quantitative signals, and offers an approach of applying AI to mentoring people.

Can we help?

Discover Your Genius

Start a DoNew project - something that will help you use your unique strengths, help you switch or accelerate your career path, or satisfy the urge for doing meaningful work. It starts with having an online “Know You” strengths conversation with a chatbot that creates an AI model of how you think, feel and act… #FindMyVocation

Help Mentor Someone

Learn how to mentor someone you care for - a friend, a colleague, your high schooler child - to get them to do something ambitious! Very often, it’s a rich and fruitful journey for the mentor and builds a great bond. Both mentor and mentee take the “Know You” conversation and the mentor gets personalized “Move You” guidance. #DoNewMentoringProject

Manage Your Team Differently

Wouldn’t it be nice to make a positive impact as a manager both on the project and your team members? Without compromising on one for the other? In other words, to be a really effective and inspiring manager! It starts with having clear Project A-to-B as well as Person A-to-B plans based on strengths, aspirations and business needs. We work a couple of days a week for corporate friends. #CareerAccelerate

Build Something Cool

If you are a startup entrepreneur, corporate intrapreneur, non-profit founder building something cool and ambitious, and would like to chat with someone to find effective, low-risk or low cost ways to ideate, plan, strategize and execute on your vision and mission, ping us for a quick conversation. For cool ideas and teams, we may be able to find a slot to continue the conversation for a little longer, if needed. #DoNewProject

About us

We were colleagues at Google when we first discovered our shared passion for helping others succeed and go after their dreams and ambitions.

When we looked deep within ourselves, we realized where our own dreams and strengths lay. Vihari quit Google and returned to India, Rahul quit the startup he joined after Google to start prototyping a mentoring method and platform that followed our beliefs and had the potential to scale.

We started DoNew - our own personal DoNew project to believe in and reach out to a million geniuses in India and start a thousand mini-Googles all over the country.


Rahul Kulkarni

Co-founder, Product Miner

Rahul, a seasoned product innovator who’s built high-performing teams, was Google’s first product manager in India. He built cutting-edge products at National Instruments with NASA and CERN as clients, and helped scale Sokrati as Chief Product Officer. Rahul holds 9 patents.

Rahul is an enthusiastic mentor, whom mentees over the years have come to depend on. He is most happy when he is able to boost his mentee's confidence, and guide and assist them to achieve something ambitious, something they didn't even dare to dream about.”


Vihari Komaragiri

Co-founder, Product Smith

Vihari, an expert at designing user interfaces with a nuanced understanding of user psychology, has CS degrees from JNTU, Hyderabad and IIT Kanpur. As UI designer at Kyocera and as Product Manager at Google, Vihari successfully built consumer-facing products used by millions.

Vihari has been passionate about mentoring for more than a couple of decades and derives huge satisfaction when he can help provide clarity & insight and change the trajectory of individual's career or life, and helps them to calmly and methodically achieve their goal.”

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